Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Room for rent in Apache Junction AZ

If anyone is looking for a place to stay in the greater phoenix area, we have a guest bedroom we are looking to rent out. $250 per month, and this will include us doing all your laundry and eating meals with us.

It's OKAY if you like Faithful Word, and we will even give you a ride to the services, and you cna bring the chili and rice we provide for the meal after the service into the church for us. Helen already made the batch for the whole year, so if we don't keep bringing it then it will all go to waist.

We're also still hoping that Paster Anderson will reconsider throwing our whole family out and just let me, nellie, and Iris come while she stays home and tunes in from the enter net.

Thank you to all those who have been praying for our situation.


  1. Hey brother! Great idea about renting the room! It sounds like you are finally comming to your sences. To bad your wife got you kicked out of that church. I'm sure your used to it though. You know there are come great "Christian Counselors", you should look into that for her, so she can get better. I feel real sorry for bad you didnt marry a wife with a "meek & quiet spirit". Those Iraqi's ARE MEAN. If she ever beats you with a stick, don't be ashamed to get help. There are men who are abused by their wives; don't be ashamed to seek help for yourself...and the girls.

    Praying for you Bro...
    Praying right now...........

  2. Hey David,

    That's a great picture of you. Did you used to be in a band? That pic kinda reminds me of an album cover. I can't quite remember the name of the band, but I think it was a late 70's group. Anyway, keep your chin up Bro.

    Still praying.....

  3. Duddy,

    Sometime I just wish you find me and nelli new mummy. She scars us.

  4. Da da! Stup trie ing 2 rent me roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom owt!

    PS. If u bie me uh colden cow eye mite let u.

  5. Duddy,

    Now we found new church, pleeeeese don't Mummy ruin this for us. We need new start soooooo bad.

  6. I wouldn't advertise it if I lived in AJ, I mean that place is the armpit of Arizona but I guess it's the perfect hiding place for someone who is almost illiterate and "unschooling" their kid so they can be too.